Giving Compass' Take:

• Colorado School of Mines is a state school which focuses on engineering education and has been recognized as a global leader.  The school has currently launched 10 initiatives that are expanding progress of engineering.

• What can donors do to better support and enhance engineering education? How will this certification become an vital part of the future workforce? 

• Read about how to help students and teachers embrace engineering. 

“The value of engineering in the future isn’t how well students do calculation—that aspect of engineering has been replaced by computers,” said Dr. Paul C. Johnson.

Colorado School of Mines (@coschoolofmines) is a 145-year-old state school long known as “The World’s Foremost College of Mineral Engineering.” It said so right outside my student housing in the 1970s. Like most engineering education of that era, my schedule was one plug and crank class after another with no integration or application.

Mines has been transformed into a global leader in education and research in engineering and science to solve the world’s challenges related to the earth, energy and environment. As Dr. Johnson, the 17th president of the leading engineering school is quick to note, Mines is still a very challenging environment but in ways that provide much better preparation for a changing world. Ten initiatives have been launched or accelerated during Johnson’s four-year tenure.

  • Extended challenges.
  • Active learning.
  • Support for transformed teaching.
  • More diverse community.
  • Out of class learning.
  • Out of class learning.
  • Humanitarian engineering.
  • More entrepreneurial.
  •  More sustainability.
  • Leaning into innovation.

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