Giving Compass' Take:

• Researchers from Food Tank compiled a list of 118 food-related organizations that are working toward making a more sustainable food system. 

• How can these organizations share best practices and collaborate on ideas for a better sustainable food future?

• Read about new impact investing ideas in food sustainability. 

2017 was an exciting year for Food Tank! We held Summits in Washington, D.C., Boston, and New York City, traveled the world speaking at events, worked on the forthcoming book Nourished Planet, and met many of our members and readers in person! We hope you enjoyed a few of the more than 500 articles produced by our research staff.

We’re also looking forward to seeing what 2018 will offer. As a sneak peek, we will be doubling our number of Food Tank Summits, quadrupling our research staff, and rolling out new membership benefits including exclusive Facebook live chats that I will be hosting.

We've compiled a list of organizations to keep an eye on in 2018 that are working towards a more sustainable food system.


AeroFarms built its ninth farm in 2017, the world’s largest indoor vertical farm in terms of annual output. They grow high-yielding leafy greens using minimal inputs to provide locally sourced foods while protecting the environment. Their year-round indoor production model allows AeroFarms to use 95 percent less water than field farming, on average.


Organic Valley, America’s largest organic farmer cooperative, counts more than 150 farmers aged 16 to 35 in its Gen-O program, which seeks to cultivate the organic movement’s next generation of leaders. In 2017, they sent a delegation to visit farms and share ideas with organic farmers in the United Kingdom.


ReFED is a data-driven guide for businesses, government, funders, and nonprofits to collectively reduce food waste at scale. Through extensive research, ReFED has identified 27 of the best opportunities to reduce food waste across the U.S. and developed a range of tools to help efficiently and effectively reduce food waste from multiple points in the food chain.

Read the full list of food-related organizations at Food Tank.