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• Jenni Lee at United Nations Foundation discusses the 3 key takeaways from this year's Sustainable Development Goals Summit. 

• Are the UN’s SDGs achievable by 2030? How can philanthropy support sustainable development? 

• Here are 7 reasons why we need to step up action to achieve the SDGs.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) took center stage on the global agenda as world leaders met during the week of September 23 for the annual high-level week of the United Nations General Assembly. This year’s high-level week featured a range of issues connected to the SDG agenda, from climate action to universal health coverage to financing for development.

Of course, the SDGs also topped the agenda during the two-day SDGs Summit – the first review of the SDGs at the heads of state level since the global goals were adopted in 2015. The consensus: The world is not on track to achieve the SDGs, with millions of people still denied their basic rights, needs, and dignity

UN Deputy-Secretary Amina Mohammed reminded participants that while the situation is sobering, it is not hopeless. She said:“The bottom line is that we are still not on track. …But there is another fact that we must embrace. We can still achieve the SDGs. There is still time for us to get on track.”

Throughout high-level week, governments, businesses, and civil society groups announced new actions to deliver on the SDGs – from Pacific Island countries working together to decarbonize shipping in the region to cities stepping up on sustainability to major asset owners pledging to move to carbon-neutral investment portfolios.

Below are three key takeaways to recap what happened at the SDG Summit and what needs to be done to course correct so we reach a world where no one is left behind.

  1. Countries and sectors gear up for SDG action and delivery over the next decade
  2. What the SDG Summit means for Progress on the Global Goals
  3. Making 2020 a ‘super year of activism’ and action

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