Giving Compass' Take:

• Research shows five trends in impact investing that point to heightened awareness about the practice within client groups.

• One of the trends mentioned is that philanthropy and impact investing are becoming more intertwined. How are donors and advisors working together to understand the nuances of these practices?

• Read about some of the more problematic trends in impact investing. 

Research shows that clients are interested in impact investing when the options are presented to them, yet many advisors still aren’t sure about it themselves. Here are the trends you need to know.

Impact investing is one of the hottest topics on advisors’ radar screens, with studies showing expanding interest among key client groups, rapid growth in assets under management and widespread adoption among investors seeking to align their portfolios with their personal values.

Despite the growth and the well-documented interest, many advisors aren’t sure where to jump in when it comes to impact investing.

Here are five trends that are helping to shape this nascent but rapidly growing segment of wealth management—and may give advisors an entry point:

  • Philanthropy and Impact Investing Are Becoming Intertwined
  • A Growing “All-In” Movement
  • Women and Millennials Lead the Demand
  • Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
  • Customization and Democratization

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