Already experiencing pandemic fatigue, many of us feel ill-prepared for another lockdown. Yet this is what we must do, and maybe not for the last time.

The problem is, the pervasive effects of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed as a way of containing it seem designed to harm our mental health, cutting us off from the things that give our lives meaning and bring us pleasure.

With no clear end in sight, coronavirus is having a significant negative effect on mental health with many of us experiencing stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

So what can we do in the face of another lockdown? We need to take proactive steps to protect our psychological well-being. Here’s what can help.

  1. Explore purpose and meaning
  2. Retain your autonomy
  3. Experience personal growth
  4. Manage your life well
  5. Invest in positive relationships
  6. Learn about yourself

Read the full article about ways to look after your mental health by Christian van Nieuwerburgh at Global Citizen.