Giving Compass' Take:

• The authors compiled a list of nine circumstances in which women fought for equal rights and protections and won their cases, changing many laws all over the world. 

• How can donors help women fight government laws that go against gender equality?  

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Here's a collection of some amazing women and girls who took their experiences, refused to accept them as “normal," and took action to drive change.

  1. In Australia: Grace, a transgender woman in Australia, was refused the right to change her gender on her birth certificate after transitioning from male to female.
  2.  In Spain: Thousands of people took to the streets in Spain in April 2018, after five men accused of raping an 18-year-old woman in Pamplona were convicted of sexual abuse instead — a less severe offense.
  3. In Lebanon: For decades, rapists in Lebanon were able to escape prosecution if they married their victims, in a loophole that allowed criminals to get away with shocking crimes and no kind of justice.
  4. In Morocco: In the space of just a few months in 2017, two videos of women being harassed and sexually assaulted in Morocco went viral — sparking fierce debate over the state of sexual harassment laws in the country.
  5.  In India: In April 2018, a woman called Swati Maliwal, the head of Delhi’s Commission for Women, went on hunger strike — saying she wouldn’t eat again until India’s rape laws had been amended.
  6.  In El Salvador: Up until August 2017, men were still able to marry underage girls if they had impregnated the girl and had her parents’ approval.
  7. In England and Wales: Just 18 months ago, Gina Martin, 26, was upskirted by a man at a festival in London’s Hyde Park and Martin, understandably, was horrified when she noticed the picture on the man’s phone.
  8. In Zimbabwe: Ruvimbo Tsopodzi was just 15 when she was forced into marrying a man she hadn’t chosen.
  9. In Scotland: Even though she’s technically part of the lawmaking system, we’re still a big fan of Monica Lennon’s efforts to help end period poverty in Scotland.

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