Over two decades ago in 1995, 189 countries agreed to achieve gender equality by creating the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a roadmap for creating a world where women and girls have equal rights.

Now, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, the Generation Equality Forum (GEF), will attempt to drive financial and political commitments and call for urgent action to make the promises outlined in the document a reality.

Convened by the UN Women, the United Nations’ organization dedicated to empowering women, and co-chaired by France and Mexico in partnership with youth and civil society, the forum kicked off in Mexico City on March 29 through March 31 and will culminate in Paris from June 30 through July 2. The second half of the gathering for gender equality will continue to drive urgent action and accountability on the most pressing issues impacting women and girls.

The Generation Equality Youth Task Force helped design and co-create the GEF to ensure that young people are involved in the full process of the event and campaign. The group of activists and advocates is dedicated to guaranteeing that young people are prioritized in plans to carry out the Beijing 25+ agenda.

Global Citizen spoke to five members of the Generation Equality Forum Youth Task Force about what they hope to bring to the GEF, the gender equality issues they care about most, and how they would like to see young people stand up to achieve gender equality in our lifetime.

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