I am thrilled to share a few thoughts today about how corporations are advancing equity—what are some lessons learned and what is needed going forward?

By way of introduction, I’ve been with FSG for the last 18 years and have served as CEO for the last 3.5 years. During that time, I helped lead FSG on our own intentional, multi-year, and ongoing equity journey. I also have had the privilege of advising multiple Fortune 100 companies on their racial equity work over the last 3-4 years. One caveat—I don’t consider myself an equity expert. That said, I’ve been in the arena doing this work, internally and externally, and learning from equity experts within FSG and from partners such as our friends at PolicyLink.

Today I’m going to focus on our work with U.S.-based companies. That work primarily emphasizes racial equity. However, many of these lessons are relevant across geographies and different types of equity.

In her opening remarks, Bobbi Silten, Managing Director, SVI, framed this “critical moment” that calls for the private sector to play an outsized role in delivering greater equity. She urged us to imagine and design a more inclusive system that delivers equitable access and opportunities.

With that framing in mind, what are we learning from the work companies are doing to advance equity?

I want to start by sharing four observations from our equity work inside companies.

  1. First, individual equity work is imperative.
  2. Second, senior leadership matters.
  3. Third, CEOs and companies must reckon with past harms.
  4. Fourth, CEOs must consider the core versus the periphery.

Read the full article about advancing equity by Greg Hills at FSG.