Giving Compass' Take:

• At the upcoming B Leadership Summit, North American B Corps leaders will commit to individual and collaborative action plans to address environmental issues such as climate change, with inclusion and innovation at the core of their work.

• Why is it strategic to have B Corps take a more collective role in tackling climate change?

• Read about why inclusive innovation hinges on values. 

When we bring in others to help us face challenges — from personal to global — and help us shape solutions, we benefit from a new perspective and create inclusive collaborations that can help all involved. And when collaborators take these shared solutions out into the world, they lead and inspire through shared innovation.

Through inclusion, innovation and collaboration — in small, everyday actions and large, long-term goals — Certified B Corporations and other purpose-driven businesses lead by example and build a stronger B Economy that benefits people and planet.

The threats of climate change, for the near future and the long term, are creating new challenges for businesses. They also are creating new opportunities for action and collaboration, and Certified B Corporations are among the leaders stepping up to this challenge.

At next week’s B Leadership Summit, North American B Corps that have demonstrated leadership in environmental practices and progress will gather to identify and commit to individual and collective actions to address the devastating impacts of climate change on our civilization and biosphere.

In creating an initial six-month action plan and shaping a 10-year vision, these B Corp leaders will identify how businesses can accelerate climate mitigation work as individual companies and through cross-sector collaboration and public advocacy.

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