Giving Compass' Take:

· According to Education Dive, Fuller Elementary in Chicago has seen improvements in African-American students' test scores after implementing new grading systems, revising homework policies, and allow retakes of tests.

· How can other schools bridge the achievement gap between students of color? What's the best way to increase opportunities for student success?

· Read more about closing the achievement gap.

The stakes are high for African-American boys, especially those from economically-disadvantaged households. They are more prone than their not only to falling behind in school, but having run-ins with the juvenile justice system. As adults, they're more likely to be arrested, imprisoned or chronically unemployed. Taking a good look at the data at the school, classroom and individual levels can help administrators pinpoint where they can do better for these students. Holding "data conferences" with other administrators and teachers can bring in new perspectives.

As McCottrell insists, looking at African-American boys as kids who need saving isn't the right lens. Instead, they need to be respected and appreciated for their individual differences and the unique gifts they bring to the educational experience in your school community.

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