Giving Compass' Take:

· As mental health issues in students increase, Education Dive explains how principals can raise awareness and provide resources for struggling students. 

· What are some programs schools can provide for students struggling with their mental health? How can awareness be raised around this issue? 

· Read about ways to help manage student mental health

The mental health of students must be a concern for educators and is among the biggest struggles school principals face. Students struggle to learn effectively if they are dealing with mental health issues that distract their focus. Students with mental health issues can also cause problems for peers via distracting or erratic behavior. While violence caused by mental health issues is rare, it does sometimes happen. And students can also create or exacerbate mental health issues in others through cyberbullying or other methods of intimidation.

Unfortunately, mental health issues are a growing concern for society in general and are becoming a crisis in many schools. However, a school setting also offers a place where these issues may be recognized early and can be dealt with effectively in many cases, if the proper supports are in place. Some states, cities and school districts are now recognizing the growing need for these supports. Some are looking for new funding sourcesto provide more mental health professionals, while others are now requiring mental health education to help students track and tend to their own mental health and recognize how their actions affect the mental health of others. Some are also creating laws to address the growing problem of youth suicide.

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