Artificial intelligence is changing things—or, the people who are building the algorithms and technologies behind artificial intelligence are. But like the tech industry at large, the people building AI often don't look like many of their users or come from similar backgrounds.

That can have damaging effects on who has access to these tools—and who benefits from the field of AI and who doesn't. This was a topic of conversation this April at the ASU GSV conference, an event that brings together education investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world and it's hosted by Arizona State University and GSV, a venture capital firm.

One of the challenges with bias in AI tends to come down to who has access to these careers in the first place, and that's the area that Tess Posner, CEO of the nonprofit AI4All, is trying to address. During our live interview series at the conference, she told us about how her organization works with diverse youth to introduce them to AI fields and careers.

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