Giving Compass' Take:

• The speakers in this video from The Aspen Institute discuss California’s plan to real pandemic recovery through centering job quality and equity.

• What role can you play in building a more equitable economy? 

• Read about assessing job quality and equity in your local market. 

Questions about the future of work have shifted in this time of pandemic, prompting overdue discussions about workplace health and safety, the unemployment system, health insurance, and fair wages and benefits. What policies can support a thriving future of work? What roles do we want private business to play? And what strategies will build a future of work that addresses long standing inequities and inequalities and provides opportunities for all to thrive? California’s Future of Work Commission and Jobs and Recovery Task Force have been working on these questions since before the pandemic and have begun implementing innovative policies to address the critical challenges facing working people in today’s economy and tomorrow’s.

Read the full article about California's approach to recovery and resilience by the team at The Aspen Institute.