Climate change poses the single biggest threat to the future of today’s children. The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) is committed to accelerating systemic solutions that will mitigate climate change. We invest into a wide range of strategies on important issues such as energy transition, air quality and land use, whilst prioritizing cross cutting approaches including international climate diplomacy, finance engagement and communications to help create the pressure and demand for positive climate action.

Litigation has become an increasingly important tool as we seek to inform, implement and enforce laws and influence policies. 1,587 climate litigation cases were brought between 1986 and 2020 according to LSE’s Grantham Institute, and the recent UNEP Global Climate Litigation Report: 2020 Status Review found that climate cases have nearly doubled over the last three years.

To help build the climate litigation ecosystem we need to invest in cutting edge measurement systems that show the direct and indirect impact we can have. NGOs, activists, practitioners and their funders, lack an empirically grounded framework to assess the impact of their litigation efforts.  We want to develop a learning framework that can add value for everybody and ensure collaboration and learning across the litigation field.

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