Giving Compass' Take:

• The Wander Working Experience is a co-working vacation tailored specifically for social entrepreneurs to focus on professional development, strategy, networking and community outreach. 

• How has social entrepreneurship changed the landscape of how we see social impact and philanthropy? 

• Read about the new social good mantra: create nothing. 

The Wander Working Experience is the first 30-day co-working vacation tailored specifically for social entrepreneurs. Taking groups of 25-30 social entrepreneurs, conscious companies, and change-makers on a co-traveling, co-creating, co-living, co-working, and collaborating 30-day curated life-changing experiences in amazing locations around the world.

Founder and Chief Wandering Officer Jovanni Cause has an endless passion for personal development, travel and having fun. Asking himself how he can combine these passions, help others and make a difference in the world.

The Wander Working Experience is their secret weapon to do more, be more and give more by working less and having fun. It has manifested into 30-days of personal development (w/ a transformational mindset coach), businesses strategies (w/ a business coach), networking (w/ peer-to-peer workshops, mentoring,  and happy hours), local community outreach (via volunteer work), discovering new places, people and living life now, not later all while continuing to work and make money.

Read the full article about Social entrepreneurship by Victoria Greene', Ricky Marton, Anna Zigmond, and Grant Trahant at Causeartist.