2020 will forever be remembered as the year COVID-19 laid bare the burdens of women. While different from one context to another, “the negative effects are disproportionate for women everywhere,” as we highlighted in a previous blog.

As the world recovers from the pandemic, we must ensure that we build a more equitable future. Many amazing initiatives have been launched and inspiring female leaders have stepped up, participating in fulfilling this goal. And we need to do more.

We, at FSG, have the chance to collaborate on exciting projects around the world, contributing to this effort. We wanted to take the opportunity of “International Women’s Day” to celebrate our partners and the work they are doing.

Here are three key themes we have been working on…and will keep pushing on in 2021:

Gendered inequalities in health have long been systematic and the onset of the pandemic has only served to exacerbate and elevate the importance of applying a gender-lens in health. Here we share some examples of the important work striving to solve these inequities:

  • Advancing inclusive drug development
  • Elevating the importance of menstrual health

Around the world, women remain less likely to participate in the labor market, are paid less than men, and bear disproportionate responsibility for unpaid care and domestic work (UN Women). Examples of FSG’s contribution to addressing these challenges include:

  • Improving women’s participation and equity in the workforce
  • Advancing women’s careers in a changing world of work

FSG has been working closely with companies, foundations, and other actors to elevate a focus on race in US contexts, including at the intersection with gender.

  • Activating opportunity employment
  • Equipping employers with tools and guidance
  • Making the case for racial equity in the US

Read the full article about advancing gender equity by Talia Alongi, Harshika Gupta, Julie Jeanneret, Flynn Lebus, and Bobbi Silten at FSG.