The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program provides technical and financial assistance to landowners interested in restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat on their land. Projects are custom-designed to meet landowners’ needs.

Since the program’s start in 1987, some 50,000 landowners have worked with Partners staff to complete 60,000 habitat restoration projects on 6 million acres.

Partners projects are voluntary. Participating landowners continue to own and manage their land to serve their needs while they improve conditions for wildlife.

The health of the country’s fish and wildlife populations depends on private landowners, who manage more than two-thirds of the country’s land.

Many Partners for Fish and Wildlife projects take place on working landscapes such as forests, farms and ranches. Our goal is to keep those lands working while improving their health as wildlife habitat.

We focus our efforts on areas of conservation concern, such upland forests, wetlands, native prairies, marshes, rivers and streams. We design projects to benefit federal trust species including migratory birds, endangered, threatened, and at-risk species.

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