While it is not our intention to become another crowdfunding site, we do plan one day, to be able to guide everyone who is interested to improve their international giving.


There is a wealth of information about some amazing non-profits which could be used to catalyze support around them quickly. Information that, refined, could help you make better decisions on who to support; support that is not only financial but also technical and moral. However, it is unfortunately guarded. Counterintuitively, often by the very entities that have an ambitious social development mission themselves.

We need to redefine how we engage with international development so that we champion quality over quantity. Where we don’t get gimmicked by constant poverty porn. Where we don’t ignore the voices of who our efforts are meant to be supporting. Where support is consistent for those who perform well. And that there is “fair market representation” for those who fight to improve their communities and our world.

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