Organizations today are likely to be left behind if they don’t take steps to fully embrace technology. For nonprofits in particular, adopting digital and tech solutions can allow the organization to better reach and serve the people in their communities.

However, it’s important for leaders to be just as aware of internal stakeholders as they are of external ones. Adopting solutions like automation and digital systems also means considering the potential impact on business operations, processes and people before changes are implemented.

To help leaders approach digitization with care, 12 experts from Forbes Nonprofit Council share essential steps for creating a more digital-friendly workplace in a nonprofit organization.

  1. Gain A Thorough Understanding Of Organizational Needs
  2. Cater To Employee Needs
  3. Provide Education And Training
  4. Create A Dialogue Around Tech And Trends
  5. Highlight The Potential Impact
  6. Schedule Weekly Tech Seminars For Your Team
  7. Implement Help Desk Support
  8. Determine Where Tech Can Help
  9. Center The Focus Outside Of Technology
  10. Stay Focused On The Mission
  11. View Technology As An Opportunity To Evaluate The Business
  12. Maintain The Human Touch

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