Still, I am saddened and frustrated that after so many years of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice (DEI, or JEDI, or whatever) trainings, after so many workshops and summits and white papers and online discussions, many of us have forgotten the key lessons we learned and desperately need to apply to what is happening now. I’d like to go through them, mainly as a reminder to myself, and also in hopes that they may be helpful to you as you navigate the current injustice:

  1. We must have an analysis of the power dynamics.
  2. We must use the active voice when calling out injustice.
  3. We must not “both-sides” inequity and injustice.
  4. We must use precise terms and concepts and not euphemisms.
  5. We must call for justice, not simply a “negative peace.”
  6. We must not water down terms and concepts.
  7. We don’t pit one form of violence and oppression against another.
  8. We must not impose conditions when calling for justice.
  9. We do not condemn entire communities based on the actions of individuals or groups of individuals.
  10. We must center justice over civility.

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