Giving Compass' Take:

• In this "How I Did It" podcast, Business Insider interviews Duolingo CEO and crowdsourcing pioneer Von Ahn about his success and his philosophy of getting people to work together online toward a common goal.

• You're no doubt familiar with Ahn's technology (if not his name), but it's worth looking at how Duolingo's AI could possibly be applied to broader edtech, as well as his thoughts on being socially conscious as a startup.

Here's what crowdfunding means for philanthropy.

Von Ahn is the CEO of Duolingo, the popular language-learning app now valued at $700 million. He's also one of the guys who developed "captcha," the online prompt that asks you to type in a word or series of letters to show you're not a robot.

Von Ahn grew up in Guatemala and came to the United States to be part of the tech scene. He was driven by a goal of getting millions of people to work together online. It made him a pioneer of the now ubiquitous crowdsourcing movement, which is where we started our conversation.

Listen to the podcast with Duolingo CEO Von Ahn at Business Insider.