How many students in America have disappeared during COVID?

The 74 began asking and reporting on that question back in December, with an extensive series dubbed “COVID’s Missing Students” that looked at the thousands of kids who had vanished from school systems during the pandemic.

We continued that conversation today with an event organized in partnership with the Progressive Policy Institute — the convening of a special panel to look at “Dis-Enrollment in America.”

Moderated by Curtis Valentine, deputy director of Reinventing America’s Schools at PPI, and featuring The 74’s Linda Jacobson who has reported extensively on the issue, the panel also spotlights observations and discoveries from Keri Rodrigues, founding president of the National Parents Union; Colorado State Sen. James Coleman; Hailly Korman, senior associate partner at Bellwether Education Partners; and Ray Ankrum, superintendent of Riverhead Charter Schools.

Read the full article about student displacement at The 74.