Giving Compass' Take:

• Writing for EdSurge, Heath Morrison shares his passion for education equity and explains how technology can advance equity efforts when used with purpose and implemented with a clear, meaningful plan.

• How is edtech contributing to education equity across different areas o the U.S.? In what ways can donors catalyze efforts toward making such tools accessible to all? 

Learn how personalized learning can lead to education equity.

In my time as a classroom teacher, principal and superintendent, I became professionally and emotionally vested in leading and supporting a vision for educational equity, which is shared by many of my colleagues. That vision is to create the best conditions that can lead to equitable learning outcomes and to provide all students with the right resources they need to learn, regardless of race, gender, income and other factors.

I was fortunate to lead teams that shared my passion for achieving educational equity, but I was also humbled by the challenges presented on this path. Advocating for changes that would uproot the foundation of long-standing institutions, policies and practices can quickly begin to feel like an uphill battle, no matter how many educators are working for the cause.

As I ventured into new roles and collaborated with policy makers, edtech developers, teacher trainers and thought leaders, my approach and enthusiasm for this vision expanded. I met new educators, witnessed the progress they were collectively making in areas that improved students’ experiences, and the fight that felt so daunting at times began to feel far more achievable from a new vantage point. With ongoing collaboration and learning, I have gained a refreshed understanding of what’s needed to achieve our goals, and I remain committed to educational equity.

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