Giving Compass' Take:

• Global Washington writes about how organizations can collectively and effectively address and encourage sustainable development within states that are considered more "fragile."

• Are the UN’s SDGs achievable by 2030? How can donors and philanthropists collaborate to address problems of fragility?

Here's a video of inspiring stories of individuals who are working towards sustainable development goals.

With only eleven years left to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, it is increasingly clear that a crucial part of the world is being left behind: fragile states.

In fragile states, where the government and civil society lack the ability to mitigate risk, the population is left vulnerable to economic, political, environmental, and social crises. Without the ability to cope, these crises can turn into national disasters.

This year, Global Washington is launching an initiative to advance the Sustainable Development Goals by catalyzing the power of its members in private and nonprofit sectors. Addressing the problems of fragility, therefore, is an essential part of that initiative. On January 24, Global Washington hosted a panel of experts to share insights into best strategies for helping states escape fragility and move toward resilience.

Read the full article about effective approaches to sustainable development in fragile contexts by Angelia Miranda at Global Washington