We have an urgent education challenge ahead. It is not enough to just recover physically and economically from the global pandemic; it has also disrupted one billion children’s learning, leaving many permanently disadvantaged. In fact, it has pushed questions of quality, inequality, and technology to the forefront.  We cannot go back to business as usual.

But we can also see the way forward: innovation. Fresh thinking and effective interventions are exactly what we champion at the Yidan Prize Foundation. Soon, we’ll start reviewing nominations for our 2021 Education Research and Education Development laureates—though there’s still time to nominate a team or individual until the end of March.

That makes it a good time to reflect on how our laureates have been transforming the quality of education and making it fairer. Here are some of the big ideas behind their work—ideas to inspire and inform everyone who’s working towards building a better world through education.

  1. We can bring quality education anywhere
  2. We aren’t limited by our starting point
  3. We can use the science of learning to become more inclusive
  4. We must make learning joyful and social
  5. We can be more systematic about what works
  6. We can use technology to break down educational barriers
  7. We must test ideas to improve our teaching practice
  8. We must empower women, and amplify marginalized voices

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