Giving Compass' Take:

•  Betsy Corcoran interviews Angela Antony, co-founder, and CEO of Scoutible, a job-hunting platform that aims to improve equitable hiring practices.

• How can this platform change how companies view and maintain biased recruitment strategies? In what ways will this help diversify fields? 

• Read about combatting unconscious racial bias in a workplace setting. 

Be better—twice, or just way, way better—than anyone else. That’s the mantra for so many people of color, so many women and certainly Angela Antony, co-founder and CEO of Scoutible.

Antony, a first-generation student, won her academic laurels three-times over at Harvard: as an undergrad (in psychology), as an MBA student and then as a law student. She spent six months in the National Economic Council during the Obama administration where she met serial entrepreneur and investor, Mark Cuban. When he heard her ideas, he insisted that she start a company—and that he would be her first funder. She did just that in 2015 and has since raised $5 million. Early this year, Antony and the 10-person Scoutible team orchestrated a “soft” launch of their platform for consumers. Their goal will sound familiar: helping improve by orders of magnitude, how hiring happens. Scoutible’s official launch will happen later this year, but even so, Antony reports that the platform is already being used by tens of thousands of people.

As part of this EdSurge miniseries, supported by Peak State Ventures, on the joys and challenges faced by female entrepreneurs building businesses at the intersection of learning and working, Antony explains what Scoutible is doing and what they hope to achieve.

EdSurge: Business hates uncertainty—and this year has been fraught with it! What are the challenges for your business right now—and how are you working to resolve those?

Antony: On a high level, the challenges that we are experiencing as we navigate this brave new world that none of us really expected or could have planned for are the same as every other company—what the world’s going to look like, where markets are shifting, what’s hiring going to look like, the fundraising landscape, like what the best timeline around that is, how that’s shifted and so on.

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