Giving Compass' Take:

• Here is a discussion of how inequity in the healthcare system negatively impacts vulnerable communities and action steps you can take to mitigate these challenges. 

• What is the role of charitable giving to address systems that perpetuate inequity during COVID-19? 

• Read more about how donors can center equity in their grantmaking response to the current crisis. 

To gain a deeper understanding of the COVID-19 healthcare and other impacts, we convened a panel of experts in a variety of roles in our community, including Dr. Juan Olivarez, the Distinguished Scholar in Residence for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy.

With these interviews, KConnect is examining how equity, or the lack of equity, is shaping our collective understandings and experiences. It examines how we might systemically make changes that can have a positive impact on children and families while addressing the unique needs of marginalized communities.

This blog focuses on how inequities are negatively impacting children and families in our community, how we can change the system to better serve our community, and actionable steps to achieve equitable outcomes during this time of crisis.

How are these inequities negatively impacting children and families in our community? 

Dr. Olivarez: Our kids are going to feel this as a trauma; there will be PTSD. That’s my biggest concern; the stress caused by fear, lack of structure, tension at home, etc. and what that stress is causing will be very devastating to children.

Looking forward, what should we think about now in order to radically change the system and create sustainable change through an inclusive growth lens?

Dr. Olivarez: We can illuminate this and maybe our conversations will shift to a much higher level in what it means to have an inclusive growth community — it’s all about access and opportunity. I think moving forward, challenging our policies, regulations, neighborhood access to health, food, jobs, etc., can and should take a different light. It can’t just be about a pandemic, it really should be about anything that happens in our society that is a crisis, and there will be more.

Read the full article about COVID-19 equity at Johnson Center.