Certainly, there are numerous online rating systems that donors can turn to for quick information on nonprofits. But, here’s the problem: many donors are unaware that there is no one standard for charity ratings.

Virtually every charity evaluation group uses a different set of criteria for evaluating and rating charities. And sometimes, charity evaluation groups even adjust the information reported on a charity’s Form 990, which is backed by independently audited financials. So which one evaluator can donors safely rely upon for making giving decisions?

Charity Navigator informs that,

“it is critical to know whether charities are meeting their mission by getting results. ... To determine if a charity is getting good results, you can begin by learning about a charity’s programs, accomplishments, goals and challenges. You can do this by reviewing its website and/or talking with their staff.”

Our organization assists donors by voluntarily adhering to the BBB’s 20 Standards of Charity Accountability and referring them to PWNA’s BBB-accreditation report. On the PWNA website, we publish annual reports and a five-year baseline of outcomes compiled through our annual customer survey to more than 1,000 reservation partners.

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