ACE has grappled with the financial, strategic, and psychological repercussions of COVID-19 and the emotional toll of the tragic events that necessitated the Black Lives Matter uprising (with which we show total solidarity). We are grateful that our team has become even more cohesive and coordinated as we continue to navigate these trying circumstances.

Some donors have contacted ACE seeking guidance about giving during these significant world events. Fortunately, as our Top and Standout Charities were evaluated and recommended in part for their ability to learn and adapt, we are confident that they still offer exceptionally effective giving opportunities. Changing giving plans too strongly based on current events could be harmful for the movement, both in the short and long terms, as charities rely on stable revenue to navigate unexpected challenges like the ones we’ve experienced in 2020.

This blog conveys how our recommended charities have adapted to COVID-19 in particular. The charities share how they’ve adjusted their strategies, programs, staffing plans, and fundraising goals in response to the changing social and political contexts in which they operate. Our hope is that this information will help donors better understand how these effective organizations are creatively and flexibly finding opportunities amidst the obstacles. Donors should remain confident that their financial support of ACE’s Top and Standout Charities will continue to have a positive impact for animals.

We hope that you find this overview of how our Top and Standout Charities are responding and adapting to coronavirus helpful. To support these effective charities and their efforts to reduce animal suffering around the globe, please consider making a gift to ACE’s Recommended Charity Fund today!

Read the full article about adapting to COVID-19 by Jaya Bhumitra and Heather Herrell at Animal Charity Evaluators.