In a historic first, the United Nations will host the inaugural Food Systems Summit on Thursday, uniting global leaders in a drive to find novel ways to produce healthy fare for the world’s growing population without harming the planet.

Observers hope the event, held during the UN General Assembly in New York, will mark the start of a new era of sustainable food production and consumption.

The summit brings together governments, businesses, farmers, indigenous peoples, youth, academics and citizens to produce a detailed roadmap to a world where good food is affordable and accessible and produced with minimal damage to the natural systems that sustain life on Earth. The event is expected to yield announcements from more than 85 heads of state and government officials on all aspects of the global food systems – from school meals to food waste to unlocking agricultural innovation to deliver on climate goals.

The pledges are the result of an 18-month preparatory process during which 148 countries hosted a programme of national dialogues to develop strategies for more inclusive, resilient and sustainable food systems. Before the summit, some 93 countries submitted national pathways to reinvent their food systems.

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