Giving Compass' Take:

· Erica Roberts explains how GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles can be a helpful tool when searching for the right employer or volunteer opportunity.

· Can this tool advance your own goals around nonprofit work and volunteering? Are you ready to start today? 

· Learn about volunteering based on your interests

Whether it’s as an employee or a volunteer, working for a nonprofit can be rewarding in many ways. But how do you sift through the thousands of nonprofits that cover hundreds of cause areas to find the right fit for you? Though there are many search engines and employment websites out there, GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles are a great way to get to know the organizations you’re thinking of working with.

From breast cancer to fostering blind cats, we all have a cause that is dear to us. When you’re looking for a job or a volunteer opportunity with a nonprofit, it’s important that the organization speaks to you.

Maybe you already have a nonprofit in mind. If you don’t, NTEE codes are a great way to begin your search. NTEE codes, or National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities codes, are used by the IRS and other associations to classify nonprofit organizations as well as grants. There are 26 major NTEE codes, starting with A (arts, culture, and humanities) and ending with Z (unknown). GuideStar’s free nonprofit search lets you refine your search results by NTEE code, and then by subcause.  You can also narrow down your options by city and state. Once you have identified a few nonprofits that you are interested in, it is time to look at their Nonprofit Profiles.

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