Like other businesses and enterprises, Covid-19 has rocked nonprofit organizations in profound and often devastating ways. According to a specialized survey by BDO U.S., 75% of nonprofits reported that Covid-19 negatively impacted revenues and funding. In a study by the Nonprofit Finance Fund, 60% of nonprofits encountered situations last year that seriously jeopardized their long-term financial viability.

While the pandemic has been highly disruptive and has presented many challenges and hurdles, hope is on the horizon. A recent report from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University predicted a 4.1% increase in charitable giving this year with a 5.7% increase expected in 2022.

As we head into a key inflection point for our sector, priorities will need to keep shifting and changing. The following are five priorities for your nonprofit to consider to help keep pushing forward.

  1. Dive Into Digital Marketing
  2. Step Up Storytelling
  3. Ramp Up Virtual Engagement
  4. Express Gratitude To Stakeholders
  5. Guard Against Employee Turnover

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