Giving Compass' Take:

• In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, there are critical adjustments that philanthropists, investors, banks, and financial firms can make. 

• How does impact investing benefit SDG achievement? What are some successful examples? 

Here is a more enlighted approach to SDG impact investing. 

Collectively, the world is falling well short of raising the $5-7 trillion of annual investment needed to satisfy the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Meeting the SDGs demands multi­stakeholder connections, capital and cooperation – all of which the financial services industry can, with investors’ help, facilitate by taking the following five steps.

  • Private wealth managers need to work more closely with multilateral development banks (MDB) such as the World Bank.
  • Financial firms need to work together to standardize sustainable and impact investing conventions, including targeting market levels of financial return.
  • Financial firms must work together to fashion innovative new solutions that fill the gaps in investments that could be used to fund the SDGs.
  • Philanthropic clients are increasingly moving away from solely giving money toward collaboration and adopting more impactful philanthropy models.
  • Firms can create incremental benefits by introducing social entrepreneurs to their stakeholders.

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