Companies and investors are increasingly committing to promoting gender equality. Almost 350+ AVPN members have stated gender equality as one of their priorities. As evidenced by the IFC, gender equality has been increasingly considered an integral part of impact investing, and investors’ interest in impact investing has reached $26 trillion— $21 trillion in publicly traded stocks and bonds, and $5 trillion in private markets. At the same time, companies and investors are also committing to net zero pledges.

The W+ Standard, developed by WOCAN, is a methodology modeled on those used to measure carbon emissions reductions. It can be used by companies, projects, and investors to measure, quantify, verify, and report on women’s empowerment impacts. Investors, companies, and carbon credit buyers should become aware of the existence of the W+ Standard and its processes, and see its value in promoting both climate and gender global agendas to bring about a transformative change.

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