On “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” Carla Vernón, the Natural & Organic Operating Unit President and Corporate Officer at General Mills, talks about the company’s role in environmental stewardship. Leading the company’s environmental strategy, Vernón aims to multiply the ways the company positively impacts the land and environment through regenerative agriculture: “it can also allow us to restore some of the high quality attributes back to our farming systems… increasing biodiversity, macronutrient richness, the health of the water table,” says Vernón. “It’s really about moving from sustainability to real stewardship and enhancement.”

“And I’m going to try any kind of genuineness or authenticity I can to show you we don’t just talk about it. We’re going to put people, dollars, and activities into it—and bring along our humble mindset,” says Vernón. General Mills formed several commitments toward regenerative agriculture, partnering with Gunsmoke Farms to convert 34,000 acres of land into organically farmed land and with The Land Institute to develop a market for Kernza: a perennial grain with long roots that helps soil maintain its carbon sequestering benefits.

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