Giving Compass' Take:

• Mark Rowe offers insights into the state of the gender gap around the world, revealing that persistent sexism is an issue everywhere. 

• How can funders use this information to guide giving? Where can you begin today? 

• Learn how donors can make an impact on gender equality

The article points to research showing that making gains in gender equality could add as much as $12 trillion to the economy, but also quotes some experts who are dubious about using economic arguments for achieving political gains for women.

Nikki van der Gaag, Director of Women’s Rights and Gender Justice at Oxfam GB, is interviewed extensively in the article and talks about ways that gender can be addressed better by both the business and development worlds. The key point for van der Gaag is that the corporate structures still need to change  — supply chains need to be more gender equal, and advocating for women can’t be a sidebar of the company, but needs to be part of the core business plan.

That is where the real challenge comes in, particularly in a world where some data suggests that serious backsliding is occurring for women.