Giving Compass' Take:

• Daren Bakst and Rachel Sheffield at The Heritage Foundation address a study discussing child nutrition legislation, and how policymakers should carefully evaluate the many claims made by proponents.

• How can policymakers align their vision on school nutrition? How can donors support healthy meals in schools?

• Here's an article on returning to the intent of government school meals. 

The House and the Senate might soon consider child nutrition bills[1] that would reauthorize the infamous Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.[2]

Both bills would maintain a new provision that gives free meals to students regardless of family income (i.e., universal school meals), leave intact (with some minor tweaks) the prescriptive federal school meal standards, and expand welfare and federal food assistance. As is too often the case, should either bill move forward, many policymakers, including conservatives, would be conceding child nutrition policy to those seeking greater federal control and a larger welfare state.

Read the full article about school meals and child nutrition bills by Daren Bakst and Rachel Sheffield at The Heritage Foundation.