Giving Compass' Take:

• The Global Water Challenge will receive a grant from Microsoft that will enable them to use AI technology to strengthen decision-making related to water infrastructure investments. 

• How will artificial intelligence (AI) and other tech innovations help other causes? In what other ways is AI advancing our environmental protection practices?

• Read about how digital technology is providing more opportunities, access, and solutions to our problems. 

Global Water Challenge (GWC) has been awarded the prestigious Microsoft AI for Earth Azure Awards grant. The grant will provide GWC with training and access to world-class machine learning and GIS technology.

AI for Earth is a Microsoft program aimed at empowering people and organizations to solve global environmental challenges by increasing access to AI tools and educational opportunities while accelerating innovation. Through the program, Microsoft provides selected researchers and organizations access to its cloud and AI computing resources to accelerate, improve and expand work on climate change, agriculture, biodiversity and/or water challenges.

The grant will enable Global Water Challenge to provide easily accessible tools that can help governments make evidence-based decisions about where to invest in water infrastructure and how to improve policies.

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