Funders Together pushes philanthropy to both fund grassroots organizations that are working on housing justice and to make sure that their voices are being included in policy conversations. On March 30, Funders Together and California YIMBY hosted a briefing to introduce funders to five Black and Latinx led/serving grassroots organizations that want to work deeper in housing affordability issues and center racial equity in the process. Here are the profiles of the five organizations who shared how increased capacity can transform housing policy.

California YIMBY proposed this funder briefing to not only bring more BIPOC groups to the table but to expand their capacity to bring in new ideas and participate in setting the housing reform agenda. These groups are members of a new Housing Working Group convened by California YIMBY and have agreed to prioritize these housing reforms:

  • Ending the housing shortage
  • Ending discriminatory housing policies
  • Increasing homeownership opportunities
  • Prioritizing communities vulnerable to displacement
  • Bringing down skyrocketing housing costs

This briefing was an opportunity to hear directly from Black and Latinx emerging voices for housing reform. These leaders are embedded in their communities, working to resolve housing challenges for their constituents. For these organizations, $50K-100K could be transformative for their housing programs and elevate their advocacy to the regional and state level.

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