Giving Compass' Take:

• Matt Barnum reports that a study of New York City public school students found that housing vouchers increase student test scores. 

• How can successful programs be expanded and sustained? 

• Read about the relationship between poverty and school performance

Housing vouchers boost the math and reading scores of New York City public school students, according to a new study — the latest evidence that anti-poverty programs help low-income students do better academically.

For a student at the 50th percentile of performance, getting a voucher would push them to the 52nd percentile in one year. It’s a small increase, but these benefits could add up over time, and are notable for an effort that isn’t about improving schools.

“Housing policy is education policy,” said Amy Ellen Schwartz, one of the researchers and a professor at Syracuse University. “We want to improve kids’ outcomes — sometimes what we’re going to have to do is look outside of the schoolhouse door and think about housing.”

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