Over the past two decades, BLVR has evolved from a small digital agency to a global company specializing in rebranding, new brand creation, and brand amplification for purpose-driven businesses.

At the heart of the company – and as its name suggests – is belief. When they first worked together, Partners Scott Hancock, CEO, Adam McWethy, COO, and Todd McWethy, Senior Designer, discovered a shared passion and desire to work with businesses that create impact through a deeper conviction. Businesses that believe something.

Since then, BLVR has grown and works with many clients, from lifestyle brands such as Legends and Vessel to consumer goods and other purpose-driven spaces like clean energy and health tech.

Hancock told me how BLVR holds itself to the same standards it preaches to its brand partners – using business as a force for good. A Certified B Corporation since 2020, the agency also gives a percentage of its profit and pro bono services to organizations providing disadvantaged children and families around the globe with opportunities to thrive.

I sat down with Hancock to learn more about how businesses can take more responsibility for the community and the world, the company’s work with other B Corps in its home community of San Diego, and BLVR’s focus on future generations.

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