What is National Voter Registration Day?
National Voter Registration Day (NVRD) is a nonpartisan holiday that’s recognized annually on the fourth Tuesday of September to observe our collective efforts to address barriers that impede civic participation. This year’s civic holiday will be held on Tuesday, September 28.

Why Should Nonprofits Participate in National Voter Registration Day?
The answer is simple. Political candidates and incumbents seek out and engage with communities that have higher voter turnout rates, making them accountable to both nonprofit organizations and communities served by charitable institutions. Participating in National Voter Registration Day allows nonprofit organizations to leverage their unparalleled reach to optimize participation among staff, volunteers, affiliate members, and the communities we serve. Nonprofits have long served as a bridge between government and community – a role that has ultimately defined America. Engaging voters in communities served by nonprofits establishes a vibrant marketplace of community-driven solutions for constituents to educate decision makers, express dissenting opinions, and inform policy solutions. Sign on as a partner today and join the thousands of groups working hand-in-hand to build the most inclusive democracy America has ever known.

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