Giving Compass' Take:

• This Thousand Currents post on Medium draws connections among the murders of community leaders in Guatemala, a volcano eruption in that same country and child separation at the U.S.-Mexico border.

• The events may seem very different, but the takeaways is the need to confront explosive realities — manmade or natural — with compassion and focused, collaborative action. Are we up to the challenge?

• Here are frameworks for measuring impact in human rights work.

Everyday, another one comes. We will not list here  — we refuse to list here  —  the continued atrocities, attacks, threats, and distractions offered up daily, hourly by despotic leaders in the U.S. and around the world.

Media bombardment makes us feel like the eruptions are constant. That they are, if we are paying attention.

The eruptions are also connected.

On May 9, Luis Arturo Marroquín was murdered by unidentified assailants in San Luis Jilotepeque, Guatemala. Over the next month, six more community leaders were murdered, all members of Comité de Desarrollo Campesino (CODECA) or Comité Campesino del Altiplano / Peasant Farmers Committee of the Highlands (CCDA).

In this area, forced displacement has been occurring frequently over the past three years, even though many community members have legit land titles ...

On June 3, Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala’s most active volcano, erupted — literally. Lava and ash spewed from the earth and continued its fast descent, with at least 110 lives lost, nearly 200 people missing (although those on the ground state that these numbers are far higher), and over 12,000 people forced to evacuate, over 1.7 million people affected. More than 4,000 people remain homeless with most survivors living in temporary shelters ...

On the border between Mexico and the U.S., 65 children a day are being separated from their parents as part of the administration’s “zero tolerance” deterrence policy for people fleeing to the United States. Most of the migrant families at the southern U.S. border come from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

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