Giving Compass' Take:

• The European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) Guide ‘Connecting Community Foundations helps philanthropy organizations utilize an SDG framework for local action and global good. 

• How can individual donors turn to the SDGs to strengthen action in local communities? 

• Read about local SDG implementation through city leadership. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has served to highlight global connectedness and interdependence while also demonstrating through lockdowns the significance of local action. As the crisis unfolded it exposed deep-rooted inequalities that exist in societies around the globe, heightened awareness about the fragility of global systems, and made everyone more conscious of what ‘vulnerable’ means in practice, both close to and far away from home. But on the positive side it hopefully will force a change of direction, even a recalibration of social and economic norms, for the better, leading to an increase in the urgency to address the Global Goals. Most significantly it has brought a new focus on local. Community foundations around the world have stepped up, raising and administering funds and implementing actions, in emergency response, but also in an effort to underpin longer-term recovery and build resilience in local communities. Now, more than ever, the SDGs are relevant, as a call to action and a framework, for community foundations to lead and achieve change.

The European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI) Guide ‘Connecting Community Foundations with the SDGs’ seeks to demonstrate that the work of community foundations is highly relevant to the SDGs – making the connection between local action and global good, using the SDG framework. It proposes adopting a ‘whole-of-organisation approach’ which takes into consideration mission, investment, strategies and programmes, communications and operations, to enhance their role, credibility and effectiveness as catalysts for change.

This, the Guide suggests, and illustrates with examples, can attract partners and funding, can motivate staff, board members and volunteers and can consolidate the position of the community foundation in its locality.

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