Giving Compass' Take:

• Global Citizen reports on conservationists' usage of drones to restore and regrow Mangrove forests in Myanmar.  

• Forests are critical to the health of the planet — they provide food, foster biodiversity, and protect communities. How can donors help conservation efforts? 

• Learn how forests can contribute to food security and nutrition. 

Mangroves once dominated Myanmar’s coasts, but they’ve been ripped up in recent decades.

Now conservationists are deploying drones that can plant hundreds of thousands of trees per day to restore the forests.

Their goal is to plant one billion trees across 350,000 hectares in the years ahead — and they’re doing it in a way that empowers local communities.

“We train local people to be drone pilots,” Irina Fedorenko, cofounder of Biocarbon Engineering, the startup that makes the drones, told Fast Company. “And they want that. They want to be in IT. They want to process data, they want to fly drones, they want to do agroforestry, they want to do regenerative agriculture, they want to create vertical farms.”

Read the full article on how drones are helping to save the Mangrove Forests by Joe McCarthy at Global Citizen.