When it comes to family offices and venture capital (VC), I have a unique point of view. I am a VC fund manager first and a family office principal second. My perspective comes from the outside in. I know the importance of applying a VC strategy to family offices and have seen the negative impact of a family office operating as a VC.

My experience as a fund manager who has transitioned my family’s business to a family office has shown me what works and what does not. In a world where yields are globally low, maximizing those benefits as a family office is now more crucial than ever.

Whether you and your family office are interested in the VC space for strategic ties or you have got an active interest in this particular asset class, there is a right way to go about investing as a family office. You must draw on personal interest and passion for doing well, as this helps you stay current and is essential to getting ahead in the fast-moving world of venture capital.

Still, passion and interest alone do not ensure success. A family office is most likely to be successful when it can rely on both world-class professional investment management and strong engagement from a family member who aligns incentives and provides drive-through ownership.

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