It is time for philanthropy to become bolder and burn down some of its established philosophies and practices. At SCG’s 2020 VIrtual Conference, Meeting the Movement, Vu Le, Writer at Nonprofit AF, and Sarah Walczyk, Executive Director at Satterberg Foundation, discussed the urgency and necessity of reimagining philanthropy. With our communities and democracy at stake, Vu and Sarah urged philanthropy to ask challenging and uncomfortable questions while considering several paradigm shifts to serve our communities and our sector more effectively.

  1. Abandon oppressive and ineffective practices
  2. Create a new playing field
  3. Overcome funder fragility
  4. Don't ask about sustainability, practice it
  5. Trust communities and give them decision-making power
  6. Embrace advocacy work
  7. Examine the history of wealth accumulation
  8. Consider the cost of the minimum payout rate

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