In order to build a better future, we have to recognize that the needs of the collective take priority over the needs of the individual. It requires us to reconcile our differences to create new solutions for progress rather than staying in our current echo chambers and only coming out for a verbal sparring match once in a while. As leaders, we have the ability to change the thinking within our own businesses, communities and spheres of influence—to listen to the one but unify the voices into a symphony.

So how do we cultivate a culture that breeds innovation, collaboration, respect, and collective impact? Well, it requires courageous leadership.

• Build Relational Equity: Invest the time to get to know your people so you understand their motives and intentions. This is key so that when a difference in opinion arises, you will have a foundation of trust. It also allows you to foster collaboration and infuse your company’s values into the conversations.

• Zero Tolerance: That which we tolerate, we give permission to exist. Therefore, we must take a stand against all forms of harassment in the workplace. Of course, every zero-tolerance policy should include information gathering, mediation and fairness, but if someone is found at fault, swift and decisive action sends a clear signal that respect is not just expected, it is required. By decreasing various forms of harassment, employers can decrease employee turnover, increase productivity and empower their greatest asset: their people.

• Draw Out All Perspectives: Innovative ideas are being suppressed by the loudest voices. It is key to draw out the perspectives of your entire team. By listening and learning from everyone at the table, we can arrive at strong, innovative solutions to address complex problems.

• Ecosystem ThinkingEverything we do has a ripple effect. Therefore, we must stop thinking as a single system but rather consider the ecosystem in which our solution exists. By expanding the aperture to the ecosystem we are part of, we can develop stronger solutions with greater reach and sustainability.

• Think Big: Cast a vision that inspires your people and then empower them to be part of the solution. When people feel part of the vision of an organization, strive to achieve its goals and believe in the benefit of the solution, it cultivates innovation, productivity, respect and collective impact.

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