Giving Compass' Take:

• Schools with well-trained principles suffer fewer staffing setbacks and students see the benefits directly.

• How can philanthropy help support training for administrators? What schools are already benefiting from great administers? 

• Learn about School Leader Recruitment and Support, the K-12 program that was cut in the new federal spending bill.

When it comes to school reform, everyone has their go-to solution. Some argue for community schools. Others insist on school choice. Still others believe that closing failing schools is an essential step.

Truth be told, much of the solution is already in schools nationwide. When education leaders have the support and training they need, student outcomes soar.

The recent dramatic turnaround of Chicago’s schools gives new evidence for a leadership-focused approach, and experts believe that dedicated investments in school CEOs helped fuel the Windy City’s academic reversal.

If America truly wants a world-class education system, it must strengthen and retain excellent school and district leaders. After all, great leaders are at the center of great schools, and strong principals can have a large impact on student achievement. What’s more, principal turnover is costly — nearly $75,000 a hire — a burden that disproportionately affects our lowest-performing schools.

School leaders play a powerful role in the development of teachers. Teachers cite a lack of strong principal leadership as one of their main stressors, and many leave the profession due to a lack of administrative support. Among teachers who recently left one mid-America school system, half cited school leadership as the reason.

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