StriveTogether partners with communities to ensure every child has every chance to succeed – because race, ethnicity, poverty, and circumstance should not determine opportunity or outcome. Their network represents nearly 70 communities across 29 states and Washington, D.C. StriveTogether is a new member of Independent Sector, as well as a member of the Nonprofit Infrastructure Investment Advocacy Group (NIIAG). We spoke with StriveTogether’s President and CEO, Jennifer Blatz.

IS: Tell us about your organization’s areas of interest, the communities you serve, and how your work helps to advance an equitable and healthy sector and nation where all people can thrive.

JB: StriveTogether is a national movement helping every child succeed in school and in life, regardless of race, ethnicity, zip code, or circumstance. StriveTogether partners with nearly 70 communities across the country to advance equity so local success stories can become the reality for every child, everywhere. Together, we transform failing systems with a collaborative improvement methodology and a proven, data-driven framework for change. We work to close equity gaps in education, housing, and so much more. The StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network impacts the lives of more than 14 million youth – more than 8 million children of color and more than 6 million children living in poverty – across 29 states.

IS: Independent Sector collaborates with individuals and the charitable community to create a racially just and healthy sector and nation. How does your work help to support or advance these objectives?

JB: Our framework for building civic infrastructure is rooted in the concept of transforming the way systems in place work together to support children – especially children of color and those experiencing poverty. As we work with place-based partnerships, which are largely nonprofit organizations working to coordinate systems transformation in their communities, we are fundamentally trying to shift the way this sector – and other sectors – work by using data, holding results, and focusing on equitable outcomes.

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